Create Equal Rights For
Cannabis Patients Who Drive

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Create Equal Rights For Cannabis Patients Who Drive

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Rally Political Decision Makers, End Discrimination

Help create drug driving law reform that’s fair, equal, and improves public health.

The Problem: current drug driving laws are discriminatory

If you take medicinal cannabis containing THC, you cannot legally drive in any state or territory (except in Tasmania). Medicinal cannabis is the only potentially impairing prescription medicine that does not have a legal defence for presence. For example, if you test positive for opiates, benzodiazepines and many other potentially impairing drugs and have a prescription, you’re free to go.

But, if you are pulled over at the roadside for a random drug test and test positive for presence of THC, not impairment, you will lose your licence. That’s discrimination, plain and simple.

The Impact: patients and public health are hurting

Current drug driving laws fail to improve road safety, discriminate against medical cannabis patients and impede public health outcomes.

Presence does not correlate to impairment and thousands of people cannot live a normal life due to our current drug driving laws.

There’s no evidence that these laws have made roads safer. In fact, research shows that medicinal cannabis has a lower crash risk than both opiates and benzodiazepines. Still, health professionals shy away from prescribing this potentially life-changing medication because of the laws and prescribe other more dangerous medicines instead.

You Can Help: write a letter to your local MP

To really Drive Change, we need support from decision makers Australia-wide. We need politicians aware of this problem and to understand that these discriminatory laws hurt their constituents.

As patients, health professionals and/or industry members, we need you to tell your story to your local government.

Write a letter below or send an email to your local member sharing your story and demanding they take action toward ending discrimination and improving public health. Together, as one voice, we can make a difference.

Real Stories + Research: how to write your letter

In the “Write Your Letter” section we’ve provided a skeleton template for you to work from. We’ve also added information about a Roundtable hosted by Drive Change specifically for MPs and government officials that will be held in late March.

The most important thing about your letter is that it needs to come from the heart. Keep it short and to the point.

Here are some questions that may help you create some structure for your letter:

  • What is your medical diagnosis?
  • What was your health and wellbeing like before medicinal cannabis?
  • Why did you switch to medicinal cannabis?
  • How did cannabis change your life/health for the better?
  • How are the current discriminatory drug driving laws negatively impacting you?

If you’d like to add information about how the current drug driving laws don’t match the science, you can find scientific drug driving facts and figures on our blog.

Remember, the message is simple. We’re asking for equal rights for medicinal cannabis patients.

We need Australia-wide uniform drug driving laws to allow for a complete defence to the presence of THC in a driver’s oral fluid or blood when the driver has a prescription for cannabis and the driver is not impaired.

Once you’ve written and sent your letter, please feel free to share this campaign or donate to help continue efforts to change these backwards laws. 

Who should I write to?

Cannabis reform is a complex issue in Australia. Writing to your local Federal and State MPs can be effective, but their capacity to influence the issue is very different.

Federal MPs will be crucial for legislation to be supported at the state-level. By writing to your Federal representative, you can help influence their support for reform of these discriminatory policies.

State MPs play a direct role in the details of cannabis legislation in their jurisdiction. 

To clarify, we recommend:

  • Writing to your local State or Territory MP
  • Writing to your Premier or Chief Minister
  • Writing to your local Federal MP

To find out who your local State, Territory and Federal Member of Parliament please use the prompts on the “Write Your Letter” section.

The time has come for cannabis reform!

Write Your Letter

Select who you would like to send a letter to:
Not sure who to send your letter to?
We recommend you contact Your Local MP's as well as any relevant Ministers (Preminer/Deputy, Health, Transport etc) as well as any other MP's you think may listen!
To find your local MP:
For Federal House Members Government go here

For Federal Senate Members just filter by Federal → Senate → Your State

For ACT go here and enter your postcode

For NSW first find out your district/electorate here then browse here and look for "Member of YOUR DISTRICT"

For QLD first find out your electorate here then browse here and look for "Member of YOUR DISTRICT"

For NT First find out your electorate here then browse here

For SA first find out your electorate here then look for "Member of YOUR DISTRICT" here

For TAS enter your address here (Includes Federal Members!)

For VIC go here and enter your address and then click "District" to find your member.

For WA first find your electorate then look for your electroate here

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Here is a tally of how many letters have been sent to each MP.

Senate MembersLetters Sent
Hon Mark Bailey1
Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk1
Ms Fiona Simpson1
Mr Roy Butler1
Hon Brad Hazzard1
Mr Ryan Park1
Hon Mark Speakman1

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