Make A Difference For Vaporiser Nicotine Legalisation 

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Make A Difference For Vaporiser Nicotine Legalisation 

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Why is nicotine illegal for use in vapes?

(Legalise Nicotine E Juice Australia)

Because the major political parties don’t realise how important this issue is to Australians. There are thousands of Aussies smoking today that could quit if they had access to nicotine vaping, but they don’t because of prohibitive legislation. Writing a letter to a federal politician is the single best way to communicate your thoughts on this issue, and potentially allow our country to be less beholden to tobacco. Let’s legalise nicotine e juice Australia!

Current policies focus on achieving an absolute end to tobacco use in Australia through constantly-rising taxes. This might discourage some potential users, but it does nothing for those who are addicted to nicotine besides sending them broke. Vaping could be the answer for these people, but it can’t so long as this ban stands.

In 2017 the Therapeutic Goods Administration upheld the ban on nicotine for e-cigs and vapes and the issue has been largely neglected since then. Better Letters is committed to giving Australians the means to bring issues like this into the spotlight. So let’s make a difference together, let’s help legalise nicotine e juice in Australia.

Will letters make a difference?

Yes! Physical letters have consistently been the best way to reach politicians and influence policy. Emails can be sent straight to junk and protests can be ignored, but a letter sent to an electoral office is always read. Every election cycle our government is forced to build a policy platform, and if MPs understand that their constituents care about this issue they will be forced to act on it.

A bombardment of letters sends a powerful message even before they’re read. With the help of our included templates and your own stories, together we can be a powerful force for change. Even the most powerful lobby group can’t compete with hundreds of thousands of Australians and the votes they represent.

If you’re a smoker looking to quit using vapes then this is your chance to tell your story. The evidence is on the side of reform for this issue, so the priority has to be getting the message into politicians’ hands using real physical letters.

Our goal for nicotine policy reform

This campaign from Better Letters has one simple goal: to legalise nicotine for use in vaporisers and e-cigarettes. Every state has different legislation surrounding the accessibility of vapes and liquids, but the Commonwealth parliament is the primary body with the power to enact meaningful change.

We support reform at the state level, but it’s crucial to keep our message clear so that it can’t be ignored. We deliberately focused our campaign goals and our templates to make it simple for people to use our platform, but you are always able to personalise your goals and your message. If enough people ask for it, we’ll make more templates for specific states and policies that might allow even more people to get access to the vapes they need.

Who should I write to?

Nicotine and vaping rules are a tough one in Australia. Like many things, the jurisdiction falls a little to the Commonwealth and a little to the States. If your primary concern is legalisation of nicotine for use in vapes, and you would like to use one of our templates, you should address your letter to a Commonwealth politician or candidate for a Commonwealth seat — probably the one for which you are a constituent.

If you’d like to target a specific state and their policy toward vape accessibility, you can use our templates but you’ll need to alter it to suit your specific message. Be sure to specifically mention the legislation or policy you want to change, and address your letter to a state MP who might be in a position to influence that legislation or their party’s policy.

To clarify:

  • If using our templates, you should address your letter to a Commonwealth politician or candidate for a Commonwealth seat.
  • If you’d like to focus on a specific state or issue, you can edit our templates accordingly or rewrite your letter to build a targeted and effective message. You should focus on state MPs who are either in your seat or who are in a position to make meaningful change to legislation and policy.

To find out who your electorates Federal Member of Parliament please visit “They Vote For You”.

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We recommend you contact Your Local MP's as well as any relevant Ministers (Preminer/Deputy, Health, Transport etc) as well as any other MP's you think may listen!
To find your local MP:
For Federal House Members Government go here

For Federal Senate Members just filter by Federal → Senate → Your State

For ACT go here and enter your postcode

For NSW first find out your district/electorate here then browse here and look for "Member of YOUR DISTRICT"

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