Make A Difference For A Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission

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Make A Difference For A Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission

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A Murray-Darling Royal Commission

What’s happening?

The Murray-Darling Basin is being irreversibly damaged by mismanagement at the hands of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (the MDBA). Their Basin Plan, implemented in 2012, has failed to prevent the Darling running dry, millions of fish deaths, and a crisis of over and under-allocation of water to farms and communities.

A Royal Commission into the Basin published its report this January and was almost entirely ignored by the state and federal governments. The Commission found evidence of mismanagement and “an unfathomable predilection for secrecy” from the MDBA. So stop MPs ignoring the Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission Australia!

What can we do?

Better Letters is using the power of physical letters in vast numbers to send a message to Australian politicians: We demand action on the Murray-Darling before it’s too late. The Commission’s report is the perfect resource to build a plan, and it cannot be ignored without further damage to the Basin.

With the help of our templates or with your own personal message, you can be a part of this mission. By working together we hope to make a real difference in repairing and sustaining Australia’s most valuable river system.

Our mission for the Murray-Darling

The weight of public opinion is our most powerful weapon. While politicians and officials were content to sweep the report under the rug, we are not.

As such, this campaign has a simple focus. We demand:

  • a thorough and coordinated response to the findings of the Royal Commission
  • an appropriate restructuring of the MDBA and the Basin Plan to prevent further damage to the Murray-Darling Basin, river systems, aquaculture and farmland

If our governments refuse to acknowledge fault found through these Commissions their purpose is negated. But with our help, this one won’t be.

Who should I write to?

Murray-Darling policy is difficult to change and implement, for the simple reason that it is neither a strictly federal nor state issue. We recommend you write to your state and federal MPs, as well as your state government leadership to reinforce the need for a coordinated response. A genuine change to party policy will require multiple leading MPs to be aware of and discussing the issue simultaneously.

In summary:

  • Your seat’s state and federal Members of Parliament
  • The leadership of state governments affected by the Murray-Darling issue; QLD, NSW, VIC, SA

To find out who your electorates Federal Member of Parliament please visit “They Vote For You”.

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