Make A Difference For Pill Testing

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Make A Difference For Pill Testing

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Pill Testing Australia

Why pill testing?

Every year Australians die as a result of harmful adulterants in festival pills. Recent media attention has highlighted this issue and the public support for a responsible testing policy, but many politicians outright refuse to listen. Young people take pills at festivals — they always have and they always will. But do they deserve to die for it? Let’s make festivals safer with pill testing Australia!

Allowing testing facilities at music festivals will save lives and reduce the prevalence of dangerous additives like methamphetamine, DXM, ketamine, or worse. The evidence is in, and by sending a letter today you can show your support for the lives and wellbeing of Aussie festivalgoers.

Will letters make a difference?

Physical letters have consistently been the best way to reach politicians and influence policy. Emails can be sent straight to junk and protests can be ignored, but a letter sent to an electoral office is always read. Every election cycle our government is forced to build a policy platform, and if MPs understand that their constituents care about this issue they will be forced to act on it.

A bombardment of letters sends a powerful message even before they’re read. With the help of our included templates and your own stories, together we can be a powerful force for change. Even the most powerful lobby group can’t compete with hundreds of thousands of Australians and the votes they represent.

Our mission for pill testing

Our letter campaign for pill testing has two simple goals:

  • Implementation of free and accessible pill testing facilities at Australian music festivals, allowing people to be informed before deciding whether to consume an illicit drug
  • Substance information and harm minimisation strategies to be made available to festivalgoers based on the results of that testing

As you can see these are extremely straightforward goals. By clarifying and simplifying our mission we make it difficult for opponents to misrepresent us. Many Australian politicians have made a deliberate effort to turn this into a “drugs vs. abstinence” argument, where it is really a matter of information, health, and safety. Your letter can follow this model, or deviate and campaign for your personal beliefs. Our mission is to provide the means to do it easily and effectively.

Who should I write to?

Pill testing is largely a state issue in Australia, so state government MPs are your most effective target. Candidates running for your seat in the upcoming federal election are particularly relevant as their platform will directly influence party policy, which is likely tol trickle down to the state level. Highlighting that pill testing will be a strong voter issue is a great way to emphasise the importance for them.

Liberal politicians have repeatedly rejected the issue outright, but Labor may be easier to persuade — particularly given their left-leaning voter base.

To clarify, we recommend:

  • MPs in your state seat
  • State government leaders, particularly the Premier’s office
  • Candidates for federal seats — especially swing seats

To find out who your electorates Federal Member of Parliament please visit “They Vote For You”.

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