Make A Difference On Cannabis Legalisation Australia

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Make A Difference On Cannabis Leglisation Australia

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Cannabis legalisation & reform in Australia

Why should we legalise cannabis?

Australians consume cannabis more than any other population on Earth. Almost 15% of us use it recreationally, and according to Australian law every one of them is a criminal. At the same time, thousands of patients are deprived of the medicine they need because of excessive regulation and restriction. It’s time to stop treating cannabis like a fringe topic or a destructive substance. The evidence is out, it’s time for our governments to respond, it’s time for cannabis legalisation Australia.

Around the world we’re seeing legalisation efforts succeed, injecting enormous revenues into communities and generating tax for public benefit. Next year New Zealand will hold a referendum on legalisation, yet Australia’s politicians remain silent or dismissive of the issue. By posting a letter today, you can demonstrate that this is unacceptable.

Will letters make a difference?

Physical letters have consistently been the best way to reach politicians and influence policy. Emails can be sent straight to junk and protests can be ignored, but a letter sent to an electoral office is always read. Every election cycle our government is forced to build a policy platform, and if MPs understand that their constituents care about this issue they will be forced to act on it.

A bombardment of letters sends a powerful message even before they’re read. With the help of our included templates and your own stories, together we can be a powerful force for change. Even the most powerful lobby group can’t compete with hundreds of thousands of Australians and the votes they represent. So, will you do your part for cannabis legalisation Australia?

When you send a letter through Better Letters, you become part of a larger effort to make this nation a better place. Cannabis may be illegal, but contacting your representative is not.

Our mission for cannabis reform

Our letter campaign for cannabis reform has a few simple goals:

  • The removal of Commonwealth barriers to state legalisation of cannabis
  • Legislation for patients in need to be prescribed and access medicinal cannabis
  • Support for policies that reflect public opinion and scientific evidence rather than oppositional lobby groups

Cannabis legislation and policy will not be simple to change, but straightforward and coordinated goals are our best avenue to create meaningful change. Your letter can follow one of our templates or deviate to discuss your own experiences and goals for reform.

Who should I write to?

Cannabis reform is a complex issue in Australian law. Writing to Commonwealth and State MPs can be effective, but their capacity to influence the issue is very different.

Commonwealth MPs will be essential to pass legislation to allow state-level reform. Independent Senator David Leyonhjelm attempted to pass such a bill last year, but was defeated by the major parties. By writing to their Commonwealth representatives, we can help influence their policies and allow change to be set in motion.

State MPs play a crucial role in the details of cannabis legislation in Australia. SA, the ACT and NT have decriminalised small amounts of cannabis already, but full legalisation is not yet possible. Writing to state MPs is still effective though. Decriminalisation is unlikely to happen in other states without our outspoken support for it, and eventual legalisation will require significant effort to be implemented in a non-restrictive and viable way.

To clarify, we recommend:

  • State MPs with influence over party policy & legislation
  • State government leaders, particularly the Premier’s office
  • Commonwealth MPs, particularly those that might flip to support removal of barriers to legalisation

To find out who your electorates Federal Member of Parliament please visit “They Vote For You”.

The time has come for cannabis legalisation Australia!

Write Your Letter

Select who you would like to send a letter to:
Not sure who to send your letter to?
We recommend you contact Your Local MP's as well as any relevant Ministers (Preminer/Deputy, Health, Transport etc) as well as any other MP's you think may listen!
To find your local MP:
For Federal House Members Government go here

For Federal Senate Members just filter by Federal → Senate → Your State

For ACT go here and enter your postcode

For NSW first find out your district/electorate here then browse here and look for "Member of YOUR DISTRICT"

For QLD first find out your electorate here then browse here and look for "Member of YOUR DISTRICT"

For NT First find out your electorate here then browse here

For SA first find out your electorate here then look for "Member of YOUR DISTRICT" here

For TAS enter your address here (Includes Federal Members!)

For VIC go here and enter your address and then click "District" to find your member.

For WA first find your electorate then look for your electroate here

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Here is a tally of how many letters have been sent to each MP.

Senate MembersLetters Sent
Senator the Hon Scott Ryan4
Senator the Hon Matthew Canavan3
Senator the Hon Kristina Keneally2
Senator Derryn Hinch2
Senator Anne Urquhart1
Senator John Williams1
Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham1
Senator Fraser Anning1
Senator Pauline Hanson1
Senator Christopher Ketter1
Senator the Hon Douglas Cameron1
Senator Richard Di Natale1
Senator the Hon Bridget McKenzie1
Senator the Hon Penny Wong1

House MembersLetters Sent
Hon William Shorten9
Hon Scott Morrison7
Hon Gregory Hunt4
Hon Tanya Plibersek3
Mr Adam Bandt2
Hon Charles Porter2
Hon Catherine King2
Hon David Littleproud2
Ms Emma Husar1
Hon Christopher Pyne1
Mr Patrick Gorman1
Mr Joshua Wilson1
Hon Scott Buchholz1
Mr Kenneth O'Dowd1
Mr Kevin Hogan1
Hon Peter Dutton1
Ms Anne Stanley1
Mr Trent Zimmerman1
Mr Graham Perrett1
Hon Christopher Bowen1
Mr John Alexander1
Mr Christopher Hayes1
Hon Paul Fletcher1
Hon Melissa Price1
Hon Joshua Frydenberg1
Ms Catherine McGowan1
Hon Sarah Henderson1
Ms Susan Lamb1
Mr Luke Howarth1
Ms Rebekha Sharkie1

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