Make A Difference On Data Encryption Laws Australia!

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Make A Difference On Data Encryption Laws Australia!

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Data Encryption Law Reform

What’s wrong with our current encryption laws?

In December last year our Commonwealth Parliament passed the Access and Assistance Act. This legislation allows law enforcement to access people’s encrypted messages without permission. They can force companies to build back-doors into their services without telling customers. Think about that.

End-to-end encryption is a reliable privacy and security system that works specifically because it can’t be spied upon. This legislation removes that security entirely and make Australians vulnerable every time it is used. Companies are facing immense pressure to leave Australia entirely; any technology produced here is met with cynicism and mistrust abroad, just because of this legislation. Let’s change our encryption laws Australia, before it’s too late!

Our privacy, our security, and our economy are under threat. No other western democracy has passed legislation of this kind, and it was passed with the deliberate goal of bypassing the scrutiny of experts and the public. The bill was passed on the last sitting day of Parliament with extremely little discussion or debate. The Coalition executed their plan and Labor let them do it. We cannot allow this to continue.

Will letters make a difference?

Physical letters have consistently been the best way to reach politicians and influence policy. Emails can be sent straight to junk and protests can be ignored, but a letter sent to an electoral office is always read. Every election cycle our government is forced to build a policy platform, and if MPs understand that their constituents care about this issue they will be forced to act on it.

A bombardment of letters sends a powerful message even before they’re read. With the help of our included templates and your own stories, together we can be a powerful force for change. Even the most powerful lobby group can’t compete with hundreds of thousands of Australians and the votes they represent.

Many politicians hope to avoid this issue becoming a focus of the federal election. They’re hoping that the media furor will fade and that we’ll all forget about what was done in December last year. Sending a letter today is the best way to refute that message; to show that we will choose our votes based on privacy & security policy, and that our government cannot get away with running or hiding from scrutiny.

Our mission for encryption law reform

Our plans for change are simple. This campaign is focused on only two primary goals:

  • Repeal or significant amendment to the Assistance and Access Act (2018) such that it explicitly forbids compromising innocent Australians’ private data or the security infrastructure of private businesses
  • Allocation of sufficient time and resources for expert scrutiny and public debate on all legislation related to Australian technology, security, and privacy policy

We believe these demands embody our position on this issue. Your letter can follow this model, or deviate and campaign for your personal beliefs. Our mission is to provide the means to do it easily and effectively through the Better Letters platform.

Who should I write to?

Encryption legislation is a Commonwealth issue, so letters should be addressed to Commonwealth MPs or likely candidates for the upcoming election. Your local member is a great place to start, as is the offices of party leaders or candidates in swing seats.

Forcing changes to policy is best achieved through bombardment and consistency across entire parties. That consistency is essential to making them understand the extent of the anger surrounding encryption law, and to building a desire to change it. It is therefore up to you to change our encryption laws Australia.

In summary, we recommend addressing your letters to:

  • Your area’s Commonwealth Member of Parliament
  • Party leaders and key policymakers for the Commonwealth government and the Opposition
  • Candidates running for swing seats in the upcoming federal election

To find out who your electorates Federal Member of Parliament please visit “They Vote For You”.

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