Better Letters is an exciting new independent lettering service expressly designed to keep the ruling classes accountable to regular people. It is our primary goal to help initiate a far-reaching political, legal and social transformation in Australia. We believe in the essence of people power, and are fundamentally driven by the possibility of having each of our diverse, unique voices heard by those who make the decisions that profoundly affect our lives.

One of the key ways in which we can make change happen is by lobbying the representatives and board members who presently make most of the decisions as to how our society is actually run. Powerful special interests see their preferences enshrined in policy precisely in this way, thanks to their concentrated power to lobby our officials. In the past, this ‘lobbying’ approach has also led to substantive outcomes for communities across the world, as politicians feel compelled to listen to their well-organised constituents.

Historically, real letters and paper petitions which actively expressed the will of the people have gone on to make a powerful impact, shaping the emergent outcomes of our society and the world we live in. In more recent times, however, we have seen a dilution of the civic sphere, and a broader reduction of the citizen’s voice. The rise of social media and online petitions may have led to a marked increase in societal consciousness, but the positive effects these petitions have incited unfortunately remain quite limited. Which is why we at Better Letters are utilising the communicative power of the internet to bring back older, more trustworthy paper-based forms of correspondence with our leaders.

We support all kinds of organisations and movements, and are always looking to link up and connect with other individuals and groups doing comparably great work on the ground to make regenerative change happen. If you’re one of these people, get in contact with us!

Our campaigns at launch (18th March, 2019) are:

For the time being, our main focus will be on the issue of Cannabis Legalisation in Australia, a matter we consider to be of utmost importance. We believe that Australians have a fundamental right to decide what they do with their own bodies and minds. We also see the potential for new industries – such as legal cannabis – to boost our national economy and taxation revenue; which is especially crucial right now, bearing in mind the recession we find ourselves in! We will be working very closely on this campaign in partnership with Friendly Aussie Buds; Australia’s largest website dedicated to cannabis and law reform… so, be sure to watch this space!

Better Letters seeks to be the marketing support for social issues that Australia desperately needs in the 21st Century. With a range of topics and templates to choose from, ‘keeping the bastards honest’ has never been easier. We print all of our detailed, professional forms on 100% recycled paper, sending them off to the parliamentarian/s of your choosing. If politics has got you buggin’, but you’re struggling with the specifics, try sending a letter with us today – or suggest a campaign for our team to work on (preferably with you)!